The Brick-Lok® System is a combination of the BL-5407 Masonry Fastener Assembly (BL-407 Veneer Anchor and the BL-523 Brass Expansion Bolt) and Flex-O-Lok® Ties.

  • The refacing or veneering of an existing masonry or concrete structure requires a veneer anchor (BL-407) which meets applicable codes and installs easily.
  • The selection process requires attention to the relative stiffness of the tie (Flex-O-Lok®) and the fastener (BL-523 Brass Expansion Bolt).
  • Flex-O-Lok® ties and the BL-5407 Masonry Fastener Assembly fulfill relevant veneer anchoring criteria.
  • The BL-523 Brass Expansion Bolt is capable of attaching the tie assembly to masonry, brick or concrete, without compromising the backup connection stiffness.
  • The Brick-Lok® System utilizes a finished hex head expansion anchor that provides a quality control inspection method and eliminates interference with the tie or insulation.

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The BL-5407 masonry fastener assembly for masonry and concrete. Can be used for refacing a brick veneer to masonry, concrete or brick with a cavity of 3/4” minimum, with or without insulation. TECH...
BL-523 Brass Expansion Bolt

BL-523 Brass Expansion Bolt

The BL-523 masonry fastener is for fastening anchors to concrete, block, brick and into mortar joints. TECH DATA: Internal Bolt: Type 304 Stainless Steel Washer: Type 18-8 Stainless Steel Knurled...

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