Textroflash™ Mastic

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Textroflash™ Mastic meets ASTM-D-4586-93 Type I specifications and is 100% ASBESTOS-FREE. This material is an asphalt cutback with fibres to formulate a premium product.

  • Textroflash™ Mastic is used to make repairs and patch areas under wet or dry conditions.
  • This product is excellent for sealing flashing laps.
  • DO NOT HEAT container.
  • Textroflash™ Mastic can be applied year-round.
  • It must be applied to a surface free of all foreign matter.
  • This material can be applied by trowel and should yield coverage at a rate of 25-45 square ft. per gallon.

Protect container from weathering.

Asphalt CAS 8052-42-4
Mineral Spirits CAS 64741-41-9
CAS 65996-61-4
CAS 9004-34-6
Amine Salt CAS 30113-45-2
Clay CAS 8031-18-3

This information is to assist customers in determining if this product is suitable for the proposed application, and to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the contents. Nothing herein shall constitute a warranty, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness, nor is protection from law or patent implied.

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