Flex-Flash® Drip Plate

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Flex-Flash® Drip Plate is a 60-mil thick product formulated with Elvaloy® Kee*.

  • Extremely tough, with excellent impact and tear resistance
  • Flexibility is maintained in all weather environments, even in extreme heat or cold
  • Highly resistant to oils and repels most chemicals
  • Compatible with most silicone and urethane sealants
  • Not susceptible to UV degradation
  • The durable, factory-formed extruded drip edge is fabricated 3” wide x 8‘ long plus 3/8” drip.
  • Available in colors to match mortar and/or brick: Red, Ivory, Tan, Brown & Grey
  • U.S. Pat. No. 6,584,746 Other Patents Pending
  • Compatible for use with any Blok-Lok® flashing products.

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