363-BL Byna-Lok™ Flexible Gripstay

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The #363-BL Byna-Lok allows masonry veneer to be anchored to studs, existing masonry, concrete or steel with the Byna-Lok Wire Tie (click for more information). Various Blok-Lok Anchor systems can be fitted with the Byna-Lok Wire Tie, as shown, affording easy and secure insertion of the continuous joint reinforcing wire. Masonry veneer walls are then reinforced with continuous wire.

The #363-BL Byna-Lok is fitted with a Gripstay head to fit any style Gripstay Channel.

  • Swage & mild pitch on legs of the Byna-Lok Wire Tie provide an integral track for the continuous joint reinforcing wire. Suitable for standard 3/8" mortar joint
  • Enhanced Performance: The use of a continuous wire in masonry veneer walls is beneficial in providing additional protection against problems arising from thermal expansion and contraction. It also allows for a more uniform distribution of lateral forces.
  • Seismic Zone Conformance: This system conforms with the requirements of the Uniform Building Code for seismic zones. The code requires anchored veneer walls to have a continuous wire embedded in the mortar joint. The wire is secured to the tie anchor, which is fastened to the supporting structure.
  • More surface engagement of the continuous wire and the integral track than any other system on the market. Reduces potential for incorrect placement or disengagement of the continuous wire due to workmanship error.
  • Hassle-free installation of continuous wire into the Byna-Lok Wire Tie
  • Economical. Add continuous wire to masonry walls at little additional cost.
  • System includes heavy-duty continuous wire.
  • Standard Gripstay head is 14 gauge (12 gauge available on special order).
  • Byna-Lok available in 3/16" diameter x 3", 4" or 5" length.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Type 304 Stainless Steel

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