Tie-HVR 190V

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In the Tie-HVR 190V Adjustable Anchor System for Rubble Stone, the backup is reinforced with a truss type reinforcement. The mason then places the vertical rod into the collar joint by hooking onto the extended truss cross rod. Rubble stone can then be tied easily to backup using standard BLT-9 Flex-O-LokŪ Ties. Ideal for when horizontal mortar joints do not align, and large vertical adjustability is required.

  • Backup Truss available with any combination of 9 ga. or 3/16" dia. Side and Cross Rods.
  • Vertical Hook is 1/4" dia.
  • BLT-9 Flex-O-LokŪ Ties are standard 3/16" dia. x length to suit.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
  • 10’ (3.048 m) lengths.
  • 25 pieces per bundle.
  • System shown with filled cavity condition. For other applications, see Tie-HVR 195VB or contact a Blok-Lok Technical Representative.
  • Only available in Truss style.

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