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Through our vast experience, unmatched technical expertise and a continued dedication to partnership, BLOK-LOK® has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of masonry reinforcing systems and ties.

  • Our vast experience stems from over forty years of meeting the evolving needs of the construction community, and a team of professionals encompassing all facets of the organization – from sales and service to product development and production.

  • Our unmatched technical expertise is maintained through an uncompromising commitment to independent product testing and affiliation with many construction organizations and committees – allowing us to remain at the leading edge of the construction industry.

  • Our continued dedication to partnership with engineers, architects, contractors and distributors allows us to meet unique, individual requirements – through ongoing dialogue and information sharing, BLOK-LOK® is able to create or adapt an existing product to fit even the most intricate application.

Hohmann and Barnard, Inc., a Mitek / Berkshire Hathaway Company, (a subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.), and the leading manufacturer of reinforcement, anchoring systems and accessories for masonry and stone, has acquired Blok-Lok, Ltd. DETAILS

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