Roofing Underlayment

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Blok-Lok's Roofing Underlayment is a polypropylene fabric with an anti-skid coating. Unlike smooth-surfaced underlayments, the anti-slip walking surface allows for steep-slope walkability. It is both lighter and stronger than 30# felt.

It is engineered to perform over a wider operating temperature range compared to asphalt felt.

  • High Temperatures - Felts are prone to drying and cracking, and can leach out oils, which may result in an oily, slippery surface. Roofing Underlayment is 100% asphalt-free and not subject to any component leaching or loss of volatiles over time.
  • Low Temperatures - Felts have a tendency to become very rigid, stiff and brittle, and very difficult to roll out. Because asphalt felts contain paper, they are also prone to absorb water, become heavier, and freeze in cold weather, making the stiffness and unrolling problems even more pronounced. Blok-Lok’s Roofing Underlayment is 100% synthetic, high-strength, flexible, engineered polymer that does not dry or crack under either low or elevated temperatures.
  • Roll: 36” wide x 66 ft. long rolls
  • Patents Pending.
  • See our Trac-Seal™ Roofing Underlayment, a self-adhering product with 45% recycled content.

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