2-Seal Tie

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The 2-Seal Tie is an innovative single screw veneer tie for metal stud construction. Fabricated from carbon steel with a premium quality organic polymer coating, the 2-Seal Tie has a dual-diameter barrel with factory-installed EPDM washers to seal both the face of the insulation and the air/vapor barrier

  • This is an improvement over single barrel types which only seal at the insulation and render the vapor barrier susceptible to air and moisture infiltration if not precisely installed (perfectly perpendicular to the stud)
  • #12 screw integrated into the dual-diameter barrel
  • Available for 5/8" - 4" wallboard/insulation combination
  • Hot Dip Galv./Stainless Steel
  • The projecting eyelet accepts a 3/16" x 3", 4" or 5" long 2-Seal Byna-Lok Wire Tie (see below) for the masonry veneer wall mortar joint. The 2-Seal Byna-Lok Wire Tie is adaptable for seismic zones with the simple addition of 9 gauge or 3/16" continuous wire (just drop into the integral track formed by the swaged, overlapping legs of the wire tie.)
  • Patents Pending

2-Seal Byna Tie
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