X-SEAL™ Veneer Anchor

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The X-SEAL™ Veneer Anchor is packed with more features than any other anchor on the market, owners, architects and masons can be confident in the performance of an "X-SEALED" metal stud/veneer wall. The X-SEAL™ Anchor addresses the problem of possible long-term deterioration of the insulation or wallboard. The pronged legs bridge the sheathing and abut the steel stud, affording independent, positive anchorage. Compression of the sheathing by positive loads is also prevented.

  • The X-SEAL™ Anchor meets or exceeds requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Building Code for air leakage and water penetration
  • The X-SEAL Anchor features horizontal pronged legs, enabling the backplate portion of the anchor to effectively seal the wallboard/insulation. This helps to maintain the integrity of the vapor barrier and prevents the ingress of air and moisture through the sheathing
  • The pronged legs are rib-stiffened and oriented closely to enhance the compressive strength.
  • Hot Dip Galv./Type 304 Stainless Steel
  • Available in leg lengths from ˝” – 4” (combination of wallboard and or insulation)

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