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The BL-507 consists of a one-piece 16 gauge base plate embedded in the masonry backup.

  • It utilizes a 3/16” diameter Flex-O-Lok tie as a veneer connector.
  • The BL-507 has a 2” vertical slot for alignment possibilities, which can occur between veneer and backup.
  • This system installs much easier than traditional eye and pintle style anchors.
  • The BL-507 strength is developed via the integral mortar bonding of the plate assembly in the masonry, while the veneer wind loads are transferred via the 3/16” diameter tie.
  • The adjustable system has stiffness performance characteristics that exceed any conventional eyes and pintles. As a result, the anchor can be spaced greater than traditional eye and pintle systems. This lessens the risk of moisture infiltration by having fewer ties that breach the backup and stronger, stiffer ties that minimize veneer deflection.
  • The use of this tie in reinforced masonry or seismic applications can preclude the use of joint reinforcement in the masonry for shrinkage control by adjusting rebar size accordingly.
  • Base Plate: 16 gauge (1.5 mm).
  • Length to accommodate various insulation thicknesses.

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