BL-12 Ladder Reinforcement

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The BL-12 consists of four parallel side rods with cross rods welded at 16” (400 mm) O.C.

  • Two side rods act as back-up masonry reinforcement and the other two side rods and cross rods act as a continuous tie and reinforce the other wythe.
  • A fabricated ladder-type reinforcement designed to be embedded in the horizontal mortar joints of cavity, veneer and composite masonry walls.
Finish Material Specification Coating Specification Minimum Coating Mass
Mill Galvanized Wire CSA A370-14 A641 .010”
Hot Dipped Galvanized After Fabrication Wire CSA A370-14 ASTM A153 Class B2 1.50 oz/ft2 (457 g/m˛)
Stainless Steel Wire ASTM 79-AISI, Type 302 & 304 None Uncoated
  • 10’ (3.048 m) lengths.
  • 25 pieces per bundle.
  • Bed joint alignment for connecting wythes recommended.
  • Complies with ASTM C951, ACI 530 for joint reinforcement, CSA standard A370.

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