180 Truss Reinforcement w/Byna-Lok™ Wire Tie

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180 Truss Reinforcement improves upon other systems of adjustable masonry reinforcement. No other system offers all of the following features:

  • 100% protection against separation of wire tie from reinforcement. (See ACI 530 Bldg. Code Sec.
  • Allows in-plane vertical and horizontal movement of masonry wythes while restraining tension and compression.
  • Loops welded shut to maintain allowable tolerance and system integrity.
  • Unlike horizontal eyelets, vertical loops will not clog with mortar as construction progresses.
  • Loops extend one direction only to allow simple placement of insulation.
  • Optional Feature! Special loop with 2 Ľ” vertical adjustability. Ideal for Econo or Utility Bricks. Request when ordering.
  • Byna-Lok™ Features: (additional information on the Byna-Lok product page)
    • Swage and pitch on legs of the Byna-Lok Wire Tie provide an integral track for the continuous joint reinforcing wire.
    • Economical. Add continuous wire to masonry walls at little additional cost.
    • The use of a continuous wire in the outer brick wythe is beneficial in providing protection against problems arising from thermal expansion and contraction (crack control). It also allows for a more uniform distribution of lateral forces. Suitable for seismic zones.
    • Suitable for standard 3/8" mortar joint.
  • Reinforcing for interior wythe can be STANDARD WEIGHT (S) 9 ga x 9 ga, EXTRA HEAVY (EH) 3/16" Side Rods x 9 ga Cross Rods, or SUPER HEAVY DUTY (SHD) all 3/16"
  • Eyes and Loops are 3/16" dia. standard
Finish Material Specification Coating Specification Minimum Coating Mass
Hot Dipped Galvanized After Fabrication Wire CSA A370-14 ASTM A153 Class B2 1.50 oz/ft2 (457 g/m˛)
Stainless Steel Wire ASTM 79-AISI, Type 302 & 304 None Uncoated
  • Blok-Lok recommends Stainless Steel for maximum protection against corrosion.

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