Permanently Attach Cavity Wall Insulation

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The Wedge-Lok® fastener is a unique, plastic device that uses the principle of leverage to wedge between the masonry reinforcing or ties and cavity wall insulation. The wedge design and rib-faced locking system guarantees positive contact of insulation with the substrate.

The simplicity of the Wedge-Lok® means that:

  • No adhesives are required for insulation retention.
  • There’s no penetration of the air/vapor barrier.
  • Visual inspection can be made after installation.

These advantages add up to a practical, economical and permanent attachment of cavity wall insulation. Wedge-Lok® can be used in any cavity wall incorporating insulation and Blok-Lok® masonry reinforcing or ties.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,688,368 Canadian Pat. No. 127,164